So, Why Imagination First?

Scott cropped by LM

Image by Julia Clark-Spohn

“A capacity for imagination is our greatest renewable resource,” claims Imagination Now featured blogger Scott Noppe-Brandon. In a discussion last night at The Princeton Club, Scott discussed his views on the central role imaginative thinking and action could play in our lives, our businesses, and our nation, and he the role that the “imagination practices” outlined in the book Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility, could play. The book, a recent release from Jossey-Bass Publishers, was co-authored by Scott and Imagination Now featured blogger Eric Liu. Scott calls for Americans to routinize imagination, on a small scale through individual practices, and on a broader scale through changes in workplace, school, and home environments.

The event included a panel discussion about imagination with Scott, award-winning high school principal Maxine Nodel, and theater artist and storyteller David Gonzalez.