Harvard Innovation Lab Opens Today

Image by j.gresham*

Today marks the launch of Harvard University’s Innovation Lab, or i-lab, in Boston. In the press release, Harvard President Drew Faust describes it as “a bridge between imagination and implementation,” evoking Lincoln Center Institute (LCI’s) concept of the ICI Continuum (Imagination –> Creativity –> Innovation). So what does this new institution, another example of higher education’s recent efforts to promote these capacities, actually look like?

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Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Finals on November 17-19

Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) believes, as we state in Findings of the Imagination Conversations, that hands-on projects and real-world challenges ignite students’ imaginations. The nonprofit Entrepreneurs’ Organization understands this, too. It produces the annual Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), which encourage young people to do innovative work. The 2011 GSEA Global Finals will take place at the New York Stock Exchange on November 17-19, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

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