Imagination Conversation Report: Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida

Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) is proud to note that four Imagination Conversations have taken place since October, the last of which happened on Monday, November 7, in Florida. Ringling College of Art and Design hosted the Conversation, subtitled “A Start-Up,” and plans to hold more in the future.

Imagination Conversation Report: Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, Virginia

The Virginia Imagination Conversation, hosted by the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, took place on October 19, 2011, at its Center for Education in Vienna, VA. Wolf Trap is one of several organizations currently working with Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) to plan a policy meeting with the U.S. Department of Education that will […]

Imagination Conversation Report: Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Vermont

The Vermont Imagination Conversation—one of three Conversations held around the country this month!—took place on October 14, 2011, at FlynnSpace, part of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington.

Imagination Conversation Report: Southern Utah University, Utah

The first Utah Imagination Conversation, hosted by Southern Utah University (SUU), took place on August 16, 2011, in Cedar City. Held as a Faculty Convocation, it coincided with the launch of SUU’s Center for Creativity and Innovation. The Cedar City Daily News reported on the gathering.

Imagination Conversation Report: Metropolitan Group, Oregon

The Oregon Imagination Conversation, hosted by Metropolitan Group, took place on October 4, 2011, at the Ziba Auditorium in Portland. Metropolitan Group, an agency that provides strategic and creative services to social purpose organizations, actually helped Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) design the national Imagination Conversations initiative—work for which we remain very grateful.

Imagination Conversation Report: The Meridian Institute, Indiana

Here’s another in our series of posts about previous Imagination Conversations. Over the course of the project, we’ve seen that a Conversation can be, among many other things, a great way to bring together a cross section of influential figures from a given state—people whose paths might not ordinarily intersect—to exchange imaginative ideas and reach […]

Imagination Conversation Report: Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio

Here’s another in our series of posts about previous Imagination Conversations. Ohio is one state that has taken up the concept and really run with it. Back in the spring of 2009, I made a presentation to educators and arts organizations there. This led to a series of brown bag lunch panels in which Ohio […]

Imagination Conversation Report: Big Thought, Texas

Here’s another in our series of posts about Imagination Conversations. There are certain organizations around the U.S. that are, like Lincoln Center Institute, committed to imagination in education. Big Thought, located in Dallas, Texas, is a leader among them. (Read about its accomplishments here.) I was therefore honored to deliver the keynote address at the […]

Imagination Conversation Report: MacPhail Center for Music, Minnesota

Here’s another in our series of posts about previous Imagination Conversations. The original Conversation model designed by Lincoln Center Institute involves a moderator and panelists, but some states come up with other event formats based on what they want to accomplish. The catalytic meeting I describe below is one example of this phenomenon. A group […]

Imagination Conversation Report: Nicolet College, Wisconsin

In the year and a half since the launch of Lincoln Center Institute’s national Imagination Conversations initiative, a multitude of Conversations have taken place across the country. As we prepare for more events in the spring of 2011 and for America’s Imagination Summit in July, we want to catch readers up on what has occurred […]