The “ICI Continuum”: Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation

I noticed recently that a number of readers had arrived at the Imagination Now site hoping to learn more about the imagination-creativity-innovation continuum, something that Scott Noppe-Brandon speaks about often and something that comes up frequently as a topic of discussion during the Imagination Conversations happening around the country. To help satisfy that curiosity, here […]

Harvard Innovation Lab Opens Today

Today marks the launch of Harvard University’s Innovation Lab, or i-lab, in Boston. In the press release, Harvard President Drew Faust describes it as “a bridge between imagination and implementation,” evoking Lincoln Center Institute (LCI’s) concept of the ICI Continuum (Imagination –> Creativity –> Innovation). So what does this new institution, another example of higher […]

Imagination First Comes Out in Paperback

In their 2009 book Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility, Imagination Now contributors Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon debunked a few myths, took imagination off its lofty pedestal, and made their premise clear: everyone has imagination! It is an essential cognitive skill that this society needs in large supplies if it is to meet […]

LCI Joins Channel Thirteen in a Celebration of Education

On March 18 and 19, WNET will sponsor the 2011 Celebration of Teaching and Learning. From Mehmet Oz to Oliver Sacks to Leymah Gbowee, each year the Celebration brings together extraordinary thinkers of our era, and whether their expertise lies in technology or health sciences, all come to discuss the state of education and the […]

Full STEM Ahead in Rochester

On March 4, I wrote about the connection between the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—and the arts. Guided encounters with works of art and study of them based on the Capacities for Imaginative Learning help develop students’ imaginative and creative thinking skills—skills that supplement STEM knowledge in crucial ways. But let’s not try to […]

Imagination Conversation Report: National Update–June/July 2010

As summer gets underway, Lincoln Center Institute’s (LCI) Imagination Conversations initiative is moving full speed ahead. A Conversation took place in West Memphis, Arkansas, on July 14, and another will occur in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, on July 27 and 28. More are planned for the fall in Indiana; Ohio; Colorado; New Jersey; South Carolina; Maryland; Minnesota; […]

News from New Orleans

I’m pleased to see that the ICI Continuum concept (imagination –> creativity –> innovation), which is central to my and Eric Liu’s book Imagination First (unsurprisingly so, since it is at the center of LCI’s teaching-for-imagination methodology), has popped up yet again—this time in Louisiana. The Town Talk reports that state educators assembled at the […]

Notes from an Imagination Advocate, Part Two

It’s always pleasing for an author who has written about an idea to see that idea reappear spontaneously in public discussions. I’ve experienced this pleasure with the “ICI Continuum,” a concept that Eric Liu and I include in Imagination First and that refers to this relationship: “Imagination -> Creativity (imagination applied) -> Innovation (novel creativity)” […]

Imaginative Justice

One of my goals in writing for this blog is to convince readers that imagination is not some mysterious gift that only artists and a few other “special” individuals possess. In fact, we all have it, and it plays a role in every field and profession. My past entries have shown imagination at work in […]

Standardize Me

In her bold article for Education Week, “Schools Need a Culture Shift,” Betty J. Sternberg identifies “the skills and competencies needed to thrive in today’s world—teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and innovation,” and refers to “the culture of thriving, cutting-edge business environments.” So here’s the question: is the United States currently preparing its students to take on […]