Grand Prize Winner of Katerva Awards Announced at LCI

Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) was thrilled to host an event yesterday, December 7, to announce the grand prize winner of the 2011 Katerva Awards: Sanergy, a company that addresses the serious sanitation problem in Nairobi, Kenya, by supplying public toilets and using the waste to produce electricity and fertilizer.

I highlighted LCI’s partnership with Katerva, a UK-registered charity organization that seeks out the world’s best sustainability ideas, at America’s Imagination Summit in July. Its Award Council, made up of “global sustainability luminaries and gurus,” selected Sanergy from a competitive group of eight category finalists: (Behavioral Change), Barefoot Power (Energy & Power), The China Study (Food Security), Freshkills Park (Urban Design), Sanergy (Materials & Resources), Solarclave (Human Development), and (Economy). All of these initiatives are worth a closer look.

Sanergy will now be introduced to major corporations, including Deloitte and Ernst & Young, as well as business leaders Ken Blanchard and Marshall Goldsmith. They will assist the company “in intelligently growing, accelerating, and amplifying their impact on the world.”

WABC-TV Channel Seven Eyewitness News anchor Sade Baderinwa emceed the ceremony, and Ambassador Tsuneo Nishida, permanent representative of Japan to the United Nations, presented the grand prize. Susan Adams of Forbes reported on the award announcement.

It was exciting to hear yesterday about the enterprising and thoroughly good work that the 2011 Katerva finalists are doing, particularly because their efforts require nothing so much as imagination, creativity, and innovation. Learn about them here.

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