Imagination Conversation Report: Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida

Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) is proud to note that four Imagination Conversations have taken place since October, the last of which happened on Monday, November 7, in Florida. Ringling College of Art and Design hosted the Conversation, subtitled “A Start-Up,” and plans to hold more in the future.

The event kicked off with my videotaped introduction and a keynote speech by futurist and author David Houle, on “Imagination and Creativity in the Transformation Decade.” The subsequent panel discussion, moderated by WUSF Morning Edition host Carson Cooper, included John A. Lack, creator of MTV and chief partner of Firemedia Partners; Edward J. Mango, commercial crew program manager at NASA; Diane McFarlin, president and publisher of the Herald-Tribune Media Group; and Ringling President Larry R. Thompson.

The Conversation centered on the issue of “fostering imagination, creativity, and innovation in the Sarasota area,” reported Carrie Seidman in the Herald-Tribune. Thompson emphasized the importance of those factors to the revitalization of Sarasota, to making it more than just a town with beautiful beaches. Houle, speaking more broadly, identified the current decade as a transformational one that demands imaginative thinking as well as technological know-how. Both are needed to put the city at the forefront of innovation.

After the panel, the couple-hundred attendees broke into groups to brainstorm at “tables equipped with crayons, Play-Doh, and Slinkys for inspiration.” Each group came up with a tagline for the new Sarasota.

I’m honored to have been asked to address the audience at the Florida Imagination Conversation, and pleased that Ringling was able to successfully use LCI’s model in beginning to rethink the identity of its community. I look forward to seeing what happens there next—how the great ideas that were shared at the event develop and affect Sarasota’s future.

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