The Business of Imagination

As this blog has documented, in recent years, the business community has become increasingly aware of the importance of imagination, creativity, and innovation to its success. Now, a press release announces the Creativity in Business Conference, set to take place on October 23 at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts, in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C.

The conference, hosted by a Maryland-based company called The Center for Creative Emergence (TCCE), will focus on “individual, group and organizational creativity,” and include “experiential breakout sessions; compelling thought leader panels; real-time creative thinking; and facilitated improvisation.” It’s difficult to read this intriguing description and not recall America’s Imagination Summit, which we at Lincoln Center Institute held in July, and which dealt with the role of imagination, creativity, and innovation in the marketplace and other spheres of society. More and more public gatherings are centering on this critical and timely topic.

Visit the Creativity in Business Conference website for a rundown of the more than 25 panelists and presenters scheduled to appear. TCCE enticingly describes them as “applied-creativity thought leaders and facilitators, pioneering entrepreneurs and business innovators from around the country,” concerned with organizational change and development, social media, and transformational leadership. I can personally vouch for the expertise of one panelist: Steven Dahlberg, director of the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, supporter of LCI, and host of a number of Imagination Conversations in Connecticut.

To register for the conference, which has space for 150 attendees, go to This exciting event has the potential to expand current thinking on the well-established relationship between business prosperity and the essential skills of imagination, creativity, and innovation.

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