Watch America’s Imagination Summit

In case you were on vacation in August or just spending some quality time away from the computer, Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) would like to remind you that comprehensive video footage of America’s Imagination Summit, the major event we hosted here in New York City on July 21-22, is available online.

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BMW and the UN Spark Intercultural Innovation

Image by Barbara*

In our 2009 book, Imagination First, Eric Liu and I discuss “challenge awards” as catalysts for imaginative thought and action. We especially like challenges that are open-ended and have broad parameters, that not only call for solutions—as those with a narrow, specific purpose do—but invite people to dream up new goals as well. The Award for Intercultural Innovation, announced last week, is just such an expansive challenge. Its sweeping aim: to honor “highly innovative projects that promote exchange and cross-cultural understanding, and hence make a vital contribution to safety and peace in societies around the world.”

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The Business of Imagination

As this blog has documented, in recent years, the business community has become increasingly aware of the importance of imagination, creativity, and innovation to its success. Now, a press release announces the Creativity in Business Conference, set to take place on October 23 at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts, in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C.

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Another Expert Calls for Imagination in Education

Image by Romain Guy*

The Council on Foreign Relations has published a provocative article, “Education Reform and U.S. Competitiveness,” as part of its Renewing America initiative. The piece is an “Expert Roundup,” featuring the reform recommendations of four thought leaders: Craig R. Barrett, former CEO and chairman of Intel Corporation, and one of the appointed leaders of Change the Equation, President Obama’s STEM initiative; author Steven Brill; Diane Ravitch, former U.S. assistant secretary of education, and research professor of education at NYU; and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.

Each contributor’s perspective is worth exploring, but Diane Ravitch’s caught my attention because it accords so well with Lincoln Center Institute’s thinking on education policy change.

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Imaginative Learning Comes to Mexico

Image by Susan Hardin*

This Thursday, I will have the great honor of bringing Lincoln Center Institute’s core message—that 21st-century students need imaginative learning—to Mexico. My 40-minute presentation, “Myths and Realities of the Imagination,” will be part of a session on imagination in education at the Third Worldwide Meeting on Human Values and Rule of Law (EMV2011) in Monterrey.

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Space for Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation

Image by Junyu Wang*

Just over a month ago, Tony DeRose, lead of the Research Group at Pixar Animation Studios, gave an inspiring presentation at Lincoln Center Institute’s Imagination Summit in New York City. Now, Fast Company’s Co.Design website has published an article identifying the physical environment of Pixar as an example for schools to follow.

“We can no longer afford to…design schoolhouses the way we used to if we’re to maintain a competitive edge,” say authors Steven Turckes and Melanie Kahl. “In looking at various exemplary workplaces…we can glean valuable lessons about effective educational approaches and the spaces that support them.”

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