Ten Innovators to Follow on Twitter

For this installment in the Twitter series I have identified ten individuals who actively apply their imagination and creativity to change our world through development of innovative products and initiatives. Why do I call them innovators instead of inventors? By using the word “innovation” I hope to convey that they are pioneers in their field. Each has built upon existing principles and ideas to create something so different that it can be considered truly “new.” Innovation happens in all areas, sometimes with a small step and in other instances through a giant leap. The following individuals are all on Twitter sharing their journey in 140 words or less. Could you have guessed that someone would develop a process to “grow” clothes from bacterial culture? I didn’t. Take a look below for some more surprising work in range of industries.

Padmasree Warrior: As Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems, Inc., Warrior is a driving force in technological innovation, especially in regards to borderless computer networks and new experiences in virtual collaboration. Warrior’s posts range from her adventures around the globe to exciting news about new technologies.

Suzanne Lee: As a senior research fellow at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Lee invented a method for growing clothes from bacterial cultures. Follow Lee’s tweets to see pictures of the latest cellulose fabric. Learn more at the BioCouture website.

Wesley Chan: A partner at Google Ventures. Chan developed Google Analytics and Google Voice, and has gone on to develop Google Toolbar, Google’s pop-up ad blocker, and Google Talk. Read Chan’s tweets for his exciting findings in the world and how this can translate into new ideas.

Alán Aspuru-Guzik: A chemist moving forward the field of quantum computers by successfully creating an algorithm to compute the energy of the hydrogen molecule. Currently leading a team of researchers at Harvard’s Clean Energy Project. Read his tweets to learn more about clean technology and chemistry.

Rich Miner: Co-founded the Android mobile operating system, currently used on several phone and tablet devices, including the Android mobile phone. The start-up company was purchased by Google and, with Miner’s help, Google entered the mobile phone market. Look for Miner’s posts about new technology and see what apps he is using to tweet them.

David Kobia: Web programmer and creator of Ushahidi, an application allowing users to submit crisis information via mobile phone when ordinary sources of news and public information are unavailable. Follow Kobia and see how Ushahidi’s software is changing. Kobia blogs here.

Seth Frader-Thompson: CEO and Founder of EnergyHub, bringing information about a household’s energy consumption to users through one simple device called the Dashboard, which can both record data and regulate appliance settings. Read his posts, ranging from clean technology to his daily life in Brooklyn.

Natalia Allen: Founder of Design Futurist. Currently working to bring bio-based and biodegradable fabrics to the general public. Read Allen’s tweets to learn more about the intersection of science, sustainability, and fashion. Allen blogs here.

Nick Feamster: Preventing spam from reaching users by looking at how messages move through networks instead of by examining their content. Currently a Professor in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Follow Feamster for the latest in Internet security. Feamster blogs here.

Caterina Fake: Co-founder of Flickr and Hunch. Helped define Web 2.0 by enabling users to share their photographs with the world, then personalized the Internet by mapping unique tastes & preferences. Follow Fake’s tweets to read about her next venture. Fake blogs here.

Did you miss the earlier posts in this series? In the first post I highlighted “Imaginative Thinkers,” authors who write on the subject of imaginative thinking. In the second post, “Creative Doers,” I identified ten people who are actively making, creating, and doing something phenomenally creative.

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