Step Right Up!—2nd Quarterly Imagination Practices Contest


Lincoln Center Institute has announced the winner of the first quarterly Imagination First practices contest, and invites your entry for the second quarter!

The practices contest challenges readers to come up with their own imaginative practices modeled after the ones that Scott Noppe-Brandon and Eric Liu describe in their book. Every three months, LCI chooses a new practice that most excites us; its author receives an iPod and other valuable prizes. Imagination First is merely the beginning of an ongoing exchange of ideas to which we hope you will contribute.

The first quarterly imagination practices contest has yielded a winner. Randy Compton, a teacher from Colorado, writes:

“We use a little game called THINK-ETS to stimulate imaginative thinking in kids. The game comes with 15 miniature objects from around the world, which, when laid out, naturally evoke imagination and storytelling in kids. Each of the objects is selected to fit into 15 diverse categories, which are chosen so that they are different in color, shape, texture, and weight. We believe that kids love imaginative play—we know they do, because we hear it weekly.”

Actually, we love imaginative play too, and think-ets sound like something you wind up playing with your kid and then can’t stop. The key word in the first sentence of this notice is “first”—the contest continues! The next iPod could be yours. Click here to submit your imaginative practice today!


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  1. […] may know, LCI has been running this contest since spring 2010 and awarding winners with an iPod. (Our first winner was a wonderfully imaginative Colorado teacher who had come up with a toy to get families to use […]

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