LCI Announces Contest–Play Now!


If you’ve read Imagination First, you know that imagination can be practiced until it becomes your number one helper in daily life, in the office, in the classroom, in the kitchen—everywhere you need it. To prove the point, the book focuses on many successful professionals, from a Disney Imagineer to a Whole Foods exec, who set some time aside every day to actively practice imagination. Their practices are fascinating and range from “Why didn’t I think of that?” to “OMG, I never would have thought of that.”

So what’s your practice? Describe it for us and tell us how it serves you. It doesn’t matter whether you use it to teach, to learn, to expand your horizons through books or travel, or to communicate with your teenager. We want to know about it, and we’ll even reward you for it. Lincoln Center Institute is conducting a friendly contest: every three months we’ll choose the practice that most captures our own imagination and the winner will get an iPod, a gift from publishers Jossey-Bass, and other “merchandise”—meaning fun stuff from different companies. And don’t worry if you don’t send us your practice by the first deadline: you’ll have another chance, and a third! So play!

For deadlines and specific rules click here. Good luck!


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