Imagination Viewfinder

IMG_0112[1]Did you just take a picture?

What images inspire you? Are you delighted by pictures of people, buildings, nature, the cat in the window, the barge on the Hudson, the child on the swing, the orange peel on the table? Whatever your inspiration, we would love to see an image of something that fuels your imagination.

Scott Noppe-Brandon and Eric Liu, authors of Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility (Jossey-Bass, 2009), are interested in the sources people draw upon as they unleash their imaginations.

Join our Flickr group and share your favorite photograph that fires your imagination. Add an explanation, if you like, of why it has helped you imagine and where it has taken your imagination. Happy focus!


Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) is proud to facilitate this sharing of images. The images belong to their authors and do not necessarily represent themes endorsed by LCI. LCI has the right to remove any images that LCI, in its sole discretion, finds to be objectionable.

3 Responses

  1. motion–rhythmic, turbulent

  2. rhythmic motion turbulence

    deep space as an invitation to what

  3. motion–rhythmic, turbulent ,kite descends and is
    transformed recreating the world through a rain
    of magnets lifting all people into a merged oneness

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